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Space Economy Report 2021

8th Edition

Satellite Connectivity and Video Market 2021

28th edition​

Satellites to be Built & Launched 2021

24th Edition

Earth Observation Satellite Systems Market 2021

14th edition

Euroconsult collects, updates and assesses on a yearly basis detailed market, industry, policy, program and financial information in the international space sector.

Euroconsult has developed proprietary databases and forecast models that are systematically applied and are central to the publication of thematic market intelligence reports.

With over a dozen reports published every year, their reports have been used as a key reference tool for three decades by most public and private stakeholders involved in the sector.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a newcomer or an experienced space enthusiast, if space exploration fascinates you, here’s where you’ll find all the answers.


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Deep dive into the space world and broaden your knowledge about astronomy, aerospace and innovation through learning resources, whitepapers and analysis.

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