Our Mission

To build a community where space enthusiasts unite,
share thoughts and change the world together.

About Us

Founded by Laurent Lemaire, Chairman and CEO at elseco, the world leader in Space insurance that offers expertise in Space, Aviation and Energy insurances globally. Onspace is the single Media and Information Platform for the Space Ecosystem where Space enthusiasts are part of a Proud and Inspired community!


Our community is made up of all sorts of enthusiasts: from young people interested in learning about space to experienced professionals.

Our purpose

To provide space enthusiasts a platform to connect and explore space and beyond. Each time members share their stories, experiences, or ideas, they’re building a knowledge base every member of this community can tap into to make a better future.

What to expect

Onspace will contain immersive multimedia content, the latest space news, virtual events, a community and lots more. In addition to this, Onspace will feature hackathons, competitions, research groups, learning resources, elseco papers & researches and a complete space history portal with previous and upcoming launch information.

Why OnSpace?

It’s the only platform for space enthusiasts to unite, share thoughts and change the world together.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a newcomer or an experienced space enthusiast, if space exploration fascinates you, here’s where you’ll find all the answers.


An interesting insight or news is equally exciting for everyone else as it is for you. Share what you know and engage your network.


Discuss your thoughts and ideas with a thriving space community and meet like minded members to create future possibilities.


Deep dive into the space world and broaden your knowledge about astronomy, aerospace and innovation through learning resources, whitepapers and analysis.

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Contact us directly at alberto.matteo@else.co